Sarah and Brody // Saanich Wedding


My sister got married!

I remember pretty clearly the night that Sarah was supposed to go on her first date with Brody. They were both working at The Keg together at the time and had planned to go to White Rock Beach for dinner. I remember that Sarah was totally nervous and was texting her friend, trying to figure out how she could just back out and spend the night in. Needless to say, she went on that date and these two have been travelling the world and going on adventures ever since. Over the years since it has been so nice having Brody a part of our to our big extended family and also getting to know his warm family.

Since Sarah and Brody moved to Vancouver Island six months before their wedding, they decided to also have their day on the island and made a getaway weekend of brunches and dinners out of it for their mainland guests. Even after the months of leads up and phone calls, it still seemed totally surreal when the day came. Sarah and Brody wanted a wedding where they could throw a big party for all of their friends and family where, everyone could eat drink and celebrate together for the weekend. Even though both of them were busy moving to Vancouver Island and finishing school, they managed to plan their entire wedding in only a few months!

When their wedding day arrived, it was blazing hot with hardly a cloud in the sky. Before heading to the ceremony and reception site at Saanich Fairgrounds, they first opted for a first look with their wedding party waiting nearby. Their wedding now holds the record for me with the biggest wedding party - a total of 16 people!

Congratulations Sarah and Brody on your beautiful day and marriage - lots of love to you both!

PS. My sister is a holistic nutritionist and blogger - check out her reflections on her wedding day here!

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