Leslie & Paul // Sunwolf Wedding


Leslie and Paul sure know how to throw a party. Their beautiful wedding day was actually a whole weekend getaway with family at friends to Sunwolf in Squamish BC and their entire wedding day had the amazing feeling of a strong community of friends and family were there to celebrate the lovebirds, while also taking time to slow down and really enjoy spending time with the ones you love. Also, and (let's be honest) they got to throw an amazing dance party in the woods. Everything about their wedding also showcased both their crafty skills (Leslie spend so much time creating amazing customized decorations) and their love of the outdoors and baseball (we're making wedding baseball a thing!)

I will always remember these two and their day with extra special memories, as they trusted me as a new photographer on my first full solo wedding day. I am so honored to have been able to document their day.