Three Months in Vietnam

Well here I am - back on Canadian soil after three months living in an amazing village in rural Northern Vietnam. Adjusting back to life in my home province has been interesting, and I already miss my host family and the people I met in the village dearly. The volunteer team I was with worked a lot of different projects during our time there, but my favourite part was teaching a bit of English and French at an elementary and high school. I got to hang out a lot with the local kids, which was a blast, and their enthusiasm for class was matched only with their eagerness to have their pictures taken (as you might notice below).

 Now the entire group has moved to complete the second half of our volunteer program in a Canadian community, and as we adjust to a much colder climate and are immersed in holiday festivities, I wanted to share some pictures from the past three months.

As a special treat for our mid project trip, the whole team went to Ha Long Bay - an amazing group of very small islands scattered along the coast. The site is one of the seven wonders of the natural world, and while the weather was a bit rainy, we had a great time sailing around for the afternoon.

This was my absolute favourite dish from my entire stay - spicy fish with tomato, ginger and other magical flavours, (and of course a big bowl of rice). My host mother, sister, brother and Vietnamese counterpart are all amazing cooks and every meal was soo delicious.

The pictures below are from the first day of my host sister's wedding. I was an incredible thing to be part of - the entire family and neighbours volunteered many hours to prepare food for over 600 people and they whipped it all up like a well oiled machine without so much as a hiccup. Their efficiency was amazing and makes me ashamed to ever be stressed about hosting a dinner party. Throughout the morning motor bikes kept pulling up with more delicious, fresh and local ingredients.

The Full Moon Festival