As of late // Jan + Feb 2013

In an effort to turn myself into a more consistent blogger, and to give any readers a better idea of who I am, I thought I would include a few snapshots from my daily life during the past two months! This has been an exceptionally eventful two months, and looking back, Christmas seems like ages ago! But 2013 has been rad so far and I feel like things will only keep getting better from now on.

as of late better.jpg

1. Getting ready for Tet, aka Vietnamese Lunar New Year! It was a crazy event for 200 people that went amazingly well. We had far more success than we could have imagined and raised over $3,000 for community development projects in Indonesia and South Africa.

2. As part of a presentation that Y and I did for our group, we organized a forest walk with a local to learn how to identify local plant species. This is something I have wanted to do for ages. I really want to learn more about wild foods and how to confidently identify edible plants. Another project for the future! Can you guess what tree this is?

3. Spring is coming and that means red toms!

4. Part of our decorations for Tet we cutting out hundreds of paper blossoms and gluing them to some branches.

5. I've been so lucky to spend a lot of time in the woods around Port Alberni. Here's some Old Man's Beard.

6. Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE cinnamon? When Valentine's Day rolls around I am guilt ridden. I usually buy so many cinnamon hearts, and then feel absolutely horrible when I think of how much red dye I actually ate...

7. Okay, after cinnamon. my other love are mason jars. Seriously, there are so many things you can do with them and when you see a jumble of sizes and patterns, they are so pretty.

8+9. We've been lucky to have a bit of snow this winter (so that our Vietnamese half of the team go to have a taste of "west coast winter.") But I'm a BC girl through and through, so really, I can't handle that much snow.

10. Although I don't consider myself a city girl, when you've been out of a big city for a while, there are some familiar sights that are oddly comforting.

11. How can seeing some crocuses not make you day? :)

12. Getting reading for the Valentine's Day bake sale at the amazing elementary school where I have been working.

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