You know that feeling when you look back over time: days, weeks, months, they all seem to collapse together into a single moment? Or how at other times that single moment breaks apart into millions of seconds, memories and conversations that seem to go on for ever? This past week has been comforting and strange in so many ways. At first it was the sadness of saying goodbye to a group of friends with whom I have shared 6 months of incredible experiences. A goodbye that was still filled with hope and promises of another trip, that one day some of us will see each other again. Then there was the comfort of returning to the familiar sights and sounds of "normal" life: seeing the friends and family that I had missed for 6 months. It's been great.

But as the days have gone by, and life has carried on, I find myself restless again. Restless for the change and challenge that was part of every day life for so long. The thrill of putting myself out there, outside of my comfort zone, more often that I usually care to do. I'm the kind of person, who, left to my own devices, can get sluggish and comfortable. But I've realized that while a little bit of comfort is something to be savoured (like a fine matcha), it can also turn into something hugely limiting. Now, before I get to comfortable again, I need to give myself a swift kick. My hope, is to channel all of this energy into my own passions. The biggest, and most important passion for me is photography. I want to challenge and apply myself to really learn about different aspects of technique, art, business and marketing to one day, one day, have a business of my own. It's an enormous and slightly terrifying challenge, but something that I have increasingly dreamt about for the past few years. No time like today.