Katie Powell

Hey there!

Welcome to my website and many thanks for taking the time to look around. My name is Katie and I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in the spectacular Vancouver, British Columbia.

I believe really sincerely in the joy of growth and discovery, be it through travel, being inspired by friends new and old, or just simply nurturing curiosity. For me, photography has been a manifestation of that lifelong journey to explore, learn, and be inspired by amazing places and people. The work of researcher and storyteller Brene Brown have been hugely influential for me. She talks about whole-hearted living and being “all in” as we live our lives surrounded by the ones we love. I consider it such a privilege to document the everyday-ness of whole-hearted human love be it on a wedding day, or a regular Tuesday.

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I am a wandering soul who loves the adventure of the departures gate and the comfort of a campfire on a cool summers night. I am most inspired by the natural environment and the beauty of the West Coast rainforest.  I find comfort in things that are old, imperfect, and made in a different time. Also in tea, cheezy-jazz-hand-waving musicals and the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine.

Also, my patronus would be a sea otter. Just sayin’